Contaminated Sediment Removal, Omega Aircraft Crash Site at Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu, CA

Insight performed wetlands sediment sampling, contaminated sediment removal, and wetlands restoration at the site of a Boeing 707 refueling aircraft crash and debris field in a wetlands area near the end of a runway at Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu, CA.

  • Characterizing Impacts to Wetlands Sediment/Soil and Surface Water – Insight collected samples at the crash site and associated debris field, evaluated sediment sample data, and evaluated remedial alternatives.  Insight performed activities to minimize additional impacts to wetlands vegetation and wildlife, coordinated extensively with multiple military and other agencies for this sensitive emergency response project, and coordinated the tight schedule due to its active airfield location and presence on a military base.
  • Contaminants:  Jet fuel (JP-8) and associated fuel VOCs including BTEX and semi volatile organic compounds (naphthalene, etc.), TPH-extractable, and metals (especially antimony, arsenic, cadmium, lead, molybdenum, vanadium), fuel and oils (TPH-motor oil, TPH-diesel, TPH-kerosene range)
  • Removal Action – Insight excavated 2,035 cubic yards (CY) of contaminated sediment (1,965 tons) over 34,000 square-foot area.  Confirmation sediment sampling and over-excavation of additional sediment was performed as needed to achieve cleanup goals, backfilled the excavation area with suitable sediment, and transported and disposed waste at an off-site disposal facility.
  • Work features performed included:
    • Planning Documents – Work Plan, Site Safety and Health Plan, Sampling and Analysis Plan that included a QA Plan, Accident Prevention Plan
    • Contaminated Sediment Characterization – 27 samples
    • Contaminated Sediment Removal – 2,035 CY
    • Confirmation Sampling – 21 samples
    • Waste Disposal – 80 truckloads
    • Backfilling and Site Restoration – 2,070 CY
    • Licensed land surveying
    • Coordinated laboratory analysis

Contract Value $0.70 Million